An online exhibition of photography by outstanding Ontario artists

Featuring the work of Lise Beaudry, Toni Hafkenscheid, April Hickox, Geoffrey James, Meryl McMaster, Rebecca Scriver, Jeff Thomas and Andrew Wright

Curated by Scott McLeod

Curatorial Statement

Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, is a highly variegated region, rife with distinctions, full of contrasts. It’s an ancient place, as evidenced by the land and the enduring presence of its Aboriginal cultures; a historical place, as demonstrated by its architecture, galleries and museums; and a contemporary place, most strikingly visible in its urban centres. Ontario’s cities, towns and villages, fields and forests, lakes, rivers and falls attest to the allure of both its natural beauty and its cultural attractions. Ontario encompasses north and south, winter snow and summer sun, intimate moments of quiet reflection and exhilarating experiences of raucous activity. It’s also the fusion of all of these things – a transcultural mélange of art, culture and society.

Travelling Light: Views of Ontario features eight photographic artists from Ontario who collectively paint a portrait of a place and its people. Whether portraying the Franco-Ontarian communities of the north or the metropolitan hub of Toronto, the profound splendour of its wilderness or the magnificence of Niagara Falls, these artists draw upon their personal experiences, their creative capacities and their deep powers of observation. In so doing, they visualize the province of Ontario in all its diversity.

Curator’s Biography

Scott McLeod is a curator of contemporary art specializing in photography, media and digital art. Since 1999, he has been the director and curator of Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, where he also serves as the editor and publisher of Prefix Photo magazine, the editor of the book series Critical Perspectives in Contemporary Art and the co-programmer (with Janine Marchessault) of the Urban Field Speakers Series. In the past twenty years, he has curated forty exhibitions and authored seventy catalogue essays and other texts. His recent projects have included the curating of the solo exhibition False Fronts by Steve Payne (Toronto), a Newfoundland-born photographic artist who engages with the idiosyncracies of Canadian vernacular architecture, and the commissioning of the group exhibition Trade Marks, featuring the work of emerging Aboriginal photographers Keesic Douglas (Toronto), Meryl McMaster (Ottawa), Nigit'stil Norbert (Toronto) and Bear Witness (Ottawa). Upcoming projects include the publication of a book of collected writings on the relationship between contemporary Ontarian artists and the land. A member of AICA Canada and IKT International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, he lives and works in Toronto.